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Top Selling Proteins

Protein suppliment image
100% CASEIN Protein, 2 lbs, Chocolate Supreme
Rs.4299   Rs.4599   7% off
100% Whey Gold Standard, 2 lbs, Double Rich Chocolate
Rs.3449   Rs.3699   7% off
Matrix Anabolic Nitro Whey, 1 kg, Chocolate
Rs.1749   Rs.2450   29% off
Muscle Glaze Maximum Whey, 1 kg, Chocolate Delight
Rs.1399   Rs.2125   34% off
 OffersFree Shaker
Muscle Glaze Nitro Max Whey Protein, 2 kg, Coffee
Rs.3099   Rs.5099   39% off
Platinum Hydrobuilder, 2.2 lbs, Chocolate Milkshake
Rs.3699   Rs.3999   8% off
Stamin Whey Protein, 1 kg, Chocolate
Rs.1899   Rs.2750   31% off
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Top Selling Gainers

Protein suppliment image
 OffersFree Shaker
Body Gears Mega Weight Gainer, 2.5 kg, Chocolate
Rs.1950   Rs.2150   9% off
Body Gears Nitro Mass, 1 kg, Chocolate
Rs.1249   Rs.1395   10% off
Body Gears Xtreme Hardcore Mass, 1 kg, Chocolate
Rs.1399   Rs.1650   15% off
Grenade Muscle Machine Mass , 5 lbs, Chocolate
Rs.4799   Rs.5499   13% off
Matrix Anabolic Mass Gainer, 1 kg, Chocolate
Rs.1049   Rs.1225   14% off
Matrix Anabolic Muscle Fuel, 1 kg, Chocolate
Rs.1049   Rs.1295   19% off
Matrix Super Mega Gainer, 1 kg, Chocolate
Rs.999   Rs.1175   15% off
 OffersFree Gym Bag
Muscle Glaze Anabolic Weight Gainer, 6 kg, Chocolate Delight
Rs.3499   Rs.4720   26% off
Muscle Glaze Mass Gainer, 1 kg, Chocolate Delight
Rs.799   Rs.975   18% off
 OffersFree Shaker
Muscle Glaze Pro Gainer, 3 kg, Chocolate
Rs.2199   Rs.3330   34% off
Serious Mass, 6 lbs, Chocolate
Rs.3898   Rs.3899   0% off
Stamin Pro7, 1 kg, Chocolate
Rs.1999   Rs.2840   30% off
Stamin Weight Gainer, 1 kg, Chocolate
Rs.999   Rs.1300   23% off
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Top Selling Fat Loss

Protein suppliment image
Muscle Glaze Fish Oil, 60 caps, 
Rs.499   Rs.1199   58% off
Muscle Glaze Fish Oil, 120 caps, 
Rs.899   Rs.2398   63% off
Muscle Glaze Natural Fat Burner, 270 caps, 
Rs.1599   Rs.2780   42% off
Muscle Glaze Natural Fat Burner, 135 caps, 
Rs.849   Rs.1390   39% off
Now Omega 3, 100 caps, 
Rs.949   Rs.1299   27% off
Stamin Fatberne Plus, 60 caps, NA
Rs.530   Rs.630   16% off
Protein suppliment image

Top Selling Pre Workout

Protein suppliment image
Cellucor Gen 4 NO3, 180 caps, 
Rs.4199   Rs.4999   16% off
Muscle Glaze Creatine Complex CGT, 900 gm, 
Rs.1499   Rs.2700   44% off
Protein suppliment image

Top Selling Amino Acids

Protein suppliment image
Cellucor Gen 4 Alpha Amino, 50 servings, Fruit Punch
Rs.3899   Rs.4499   13% off
Muscle Glaze BCAA PRO, 300 gm, 
Rs.1749   Rs.3610   52% off
Muscle Glaze Glutamine, 600 gm, 
Rs.2199   Rs.4300   49% off
Muscle Glaze Glutamine, 300 gm, 
Rs.1199   Rs.2150   44% off
Protein suppliment image

Top Selling Creatine

Protein suppliment image
Matrix Creatine, 100 gm, 
Rs.420   Rs.425   1% off
Muscle Glaze Creatine Complex CGT, 600 gm, 
Rs.1099   Rs.1800   39% off
Muscle Glaze Creatine Complex CGT, 300 gm, 
Rs.649   Rs.900   28% off
Stamin Creatine, 100 gm, 
Rs.420   Rs.430   2% off
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Whey protein is a staple of bodybuilding supplements and is a perfect blend of proteins required by bodybuilders that undergo strenuous daily workouts. Muscle guru is an authorized distributor of all leading Supplement Brands in India.

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